Danworks is the nickname which hides the activity of
Danilo Madonia
whose life here is briefly illustrated in its most significant phases.

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December 2016

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ALT-in-Tour 2016 goes on like an unstoppable caterpillar. We always have huge crowd coming to Renato’s sold-out shows, and we do our best to make everybody happy playing for 3 hours and 30 minutes at every concert. That’s really something …

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Above: on stage during the band presentation, always a pleasure and a lil embarrassing too, in a nice way

Below: the stage right after the beginning of the show.

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The Tony Hadley Christmas Album is out again for the 2016 Christmas, featuring myself as a keyboard player and arranger of three classic songs. Here we go …

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November 2016

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Above: on stage in Bologna, improvising a song with Mario Biondi

: the stage on the afternoon rehearsals

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During the tour rehearsal at the “Parco della Musica” in Rome.

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October 2016

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Preparing arrangements and score for the upcoming Renato Zero “ALT in Tour”

September 2016

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Arena di Verona: eventually RAI1 broadcasted the “Arenà” concert we played in June.

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July-August 2016

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Video & audio editing for the upcoming TV show dedicated to the Renato Zero’s Arena di Verona concerts.

June 2016


Arena di Verona: the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of June, with played three hours and 30 minutes live shows with Renato Zero. After three weeks of tough rehearsals, it has been great performing in this beautiful venue, while listening to the feedback of 18.000 cheering “sorcini”.

I was the musical director pre-prod arranger, keyboard and accordion player. The other musicians were Lele Melotti on drums, Lorenzo Poli on bass, Stefano Senesi on piano, Bruno Giordana on saxophones and keys, Giorgio Cocilovo and Bicio Leo on guitars and Rosario Iermano on percussions.

Icing on the cake, a 50 pieces symphonic orchestra conducted by Renato Serio.


Above: me during the show, laughing about … I don’t know what.

Below: the stage during the rehearsals in the afternoon.


May 2016

Remember the commercial that me and Flavio Ibba did for FIAT “500x Volare”? Here there’s the long version, a whole 3:40 minutes of music and footage that has been filmed in seven different countries.

Check it out …

Apr 2016

Renato Zero’s ALT album is out.

Presented to the press on April 7th 2016 in Milan, it’s produced by Renato Zero and Danilo Madonia, arranged realised and mixed by Danilo Madonia, mastered at BGM studio in LA by Bernie Grundman.

Here there are all format versions … fm left to right:
vinyl 45 rpm, CD and vinyl 33rpm.

Mar 2016

Renato Zero’s ALT album is ready: produced by Renato Zero and Danilo Madonia, arranged realised and mixed by Danilo Madonia, mastered at BGM studio in LA by Bernie Grundman.

ALT sports the precious collaboration of Lele Melotti, Paolo Costa, Bicio Leo, Andrea Maddalone, Giorgio Cocilovo, Bruno Giordana, Rosario Iermano, Giorgio Tommasini, Peter Siedlaczeck, Arne Wallander, Neri per Caso, Archi all’Opera di Genova etc.

After all this I’m a bit tired but very proud and satisfied.

It’s about time to listen to it.

Feb 2016

The light at the end of the tunnel is still washed out but it’s there. In the meantime a little pit stop at SanRemo festival for a live performance.

Jan 2016

With Paolo Costa & Lele Melotti after a long and prolific “drum & bass” recording session. Actually this picture shows the end of a dinner AFTER the recording session.
Work in progress with the Renato Zero project. A lot of studio recordings in this month to add icings on the cake.

Dec 2015

The Tony Hadley Christmas Album is out, featuring myself as a keyboard player and arranger of three classic Christmas songs. Produced by Claudio Guidetti it’s one of those pleasant unexpected things that happened to me this year.

Nov 2015

Different project coming over this period. Neo Borocillina commercial 2015 it has been rewritten by me and Flavio Ibba and it’s broadcasted by RAI, Mediaset & LA7.

October 2015

Several months of hard work that went through a tough competition vs an american music production company (we won, we were much better :), dozen of video conferences with US production people, literally hundreds of emails and hours of recording vocals, ethnic and traditional instruments, kids choirs and orchestra to create different countries versions of the masterwork song “Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu (Volare)” and to sync it to a 4:30 mic video that has been shot all over the planet: Italy, Africa, India, Brazil, UK, L.A.

After all that, - phew - eventually a 30 sec excerpt of the FCA 500X commercial is being broadcasted in Italy by RAI, Mediaset & LA7. Me and Flavio Ibba, the two fellas who struggled big time to finish this project are very proud and happy but we’re already thinking to publishing - sooner or later - the long 4:30 min version. Be careful …

September 2015


Le emozioni prendono forma …

A new project just started. It’ll take a lot of time to finish it but it’ll be great.
Do you recognise the above picture?

August 2015


This year I had the lucky opportunity to be the pop band’s director of “Teatro del Silenzio 2015” concert in Lajatico.

Apart from myself on keyboards, there where the usual great musicians and friends Stefano Senesi on piano, Giorgio Cocilovo on guitars, Paolo Costa on bass and Lele Melotti on drums.

Produced by City Sounds & Events, directed by the conductor Carlo Bernini and hosted by the worldwide star Andrea Bocelli, we as a band had the honour to play with the Maggio Fiorentino orchestra, to accompany Andrea Bocelli, Renato Zero, Gianna Nannini, Elisa and Beverly Knights on their performances.

It has been quite stressful because we could rehearse only three hours for the whole show, but at the end of the day it has been a lot of fun.

See ya next year? You never know …

July 2015


You know when you get those unexpected calls? This year I had one.

After long time I’ve bumped into a friend of mine since 1980, Claudio Guidetti, currently a very famous producer and songwriter working with Eros Ramazzotti and many other artists. The last thing we did together was the Branduardi European tour in 1988, then for some reason we didn’t have any other chances to work together again.

The call:

"I'm producing a project for the frontman of a very famous eighties British band. How about doing some arrangements for me on three songs?"

"Are you sure? We’ve known each other for a lifetime but we never properly worked together on a studio production“

"Yes I'm sure, why not …“

And I did it.

Above there are some pics of me and the artist that shows the very stressful atmosphere during the studio days. Looking forward to hearing the whole project.

June 2015

The brand new Justin Hayward’s video “The Story in Your Eyes” is out. You can see it clicking above, or for more info go to this link:


April - May 2015

Two months of tough work for a challenging joint-venture project with an american production company. Me and my friend Flavio Ibba, are working very hard to do our best. As time goes by it’s getting complicated but it sounds really good so … it'll be a good job.

I can’t say more than that …

March 2015

These are the backstage pics of of a Justin Hayward's video, singing a new version of the very famous Moody Blues song “The Story in Your Eyes”.

Produced by Alberto Parodi and directed by Marzio Mirabella, the video features Justin as a composer, lead vocalist & guitar player, The Euphoria Strings Quartet, Francesca Rapetti (flute), Alessandro Mazza (trombone) and myself as arranger of the song and keyboard player.

As you can see fm the pics, in this video I also play a cleaning maniac butler role. That was real fun!